5 things on my mind right now

It’s Friday!!

We’re approaching that ever elusive hour of just getting off work and starting the weekend.  As my workday winds down, my mind is racing with all the plans and things I want to do and accomplish this weekend and during the next coming days.  I once read that when you are so completely distracted by your thoughts and to-dos, the best way to regain focus and calm is to jot down everything.  So here goes!

Hiking in southern Missouri – Mike and I have made plans to do a long hike early Saturday morning with some friends and then reward ourselves with a winery visit afterwards.  We’re doing the scenic 4 mile stretch of St. Joe State Park and I’m especially excited for this as we’re bringing Penny (our German Shorthair Pointer pup) and our friends are bringing along their GSP puppy, Lucie.  Penny and Lucie have not yet met and we’re super curious to see how they will interact during the hike.


Twin Oaks Vineyard and Winery – Post-hike we’ll be driving to Twin Oaks which is about 20 minutes from the park.  I will not only need to come up with a hiking outfit but also clothes to change into for the winery.  It is always quite challenging for me to come up with one cute outfit to pack so wish me luck on narrowing down my choices (currently debating between a maxi dress, flowy maxi skirt and crop top, denim shorts and long-sleeved buttoned down, or a romper).  At least after that first glass of wine I won’t care what I’m wearing!



Gulf Coast Jam in Panama City Beach – Mike and I are super excited for Labor Day weekend this year because we will be spending it on the beach!  We’re taking a short 5 day trip to PCB with friends and spending Friday through Sunday at Gulf Coast Jam, their annual country music festival.  This year Jason Aldean, Little Big Town, and Luke Bryan are headlining and I can’t wait to enjoy rocking out to some incredible music by the ocean.





In-ground pools – Yes, random, but hear me out.  While we love our small 2 bedroom city home dearly, Mike and I would like to potentially upgrade and we’re always on the search for our next home.  While keeping updated on the housing market, we’re also making a list of some of our “dream needs.”  We are currently obsessed with the idea of having a very small in-ground spa-like pool for our next home.  I love the new trend of these delightful little wading pools that provide just enough refuge from the heat without overwhelming your entire backyard.



Welcome Fall! – Oddly enough, the weather here in St. Louis has been phenomenal.  We are experiencing sunny days with highs in the low 80s and cool crisp evenings… completely unheard of for August in the Midwest.  Naturally, this cool refreshing weather has got me absolutely ready for Fall.  My wardrobe is slowly transitioning with a rotation of deeper hues and cozy fabrics (including my favorite purchase of the year so far – a pair of caramel suede low-heeled ankle boots ).  I’m also looking forward to updating our home decor and upon our return from our final summer vacation to PCB, I fully intend on dragging Mike with me to World Market for some autumn inspiration.


Happy Friday everyone!




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