Things to make you smile on gray winter days

It’s been over a month since my last post!  The hectic holidays must be here.

We are in the thick of the gray winter days of December here in St. Louis.  Temps are barely reaching 30, the sun refuses to show itself, and we’ve yet to spot any snow flurries.  How do I keep from a gloomy winter funk?  Here’s my list of things to warm your soul and make you smile.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Lately, Mike has been obsessed with toasted cinnamon raisin bread lightly smeared with Kerry Gold Irish butter (the all-natural good stuff) for breakfast.  Our kitchen is filled with the delicious wintry scent of sweet cinnamon each morning…which helps to wake up the senses and get ready to face the work day.

Raisin Bread for Raisin Lovers - Nothing skimpy about the raisin quantity in this easy, moist, soft & sweet loaf:


Decadent Christmas Wreath

I couldn’t wait to prep for the holidays this year as we celebrate our first Christmas together as newlyweds (and finally had time to decorate since we weren’t wedding planning!).  My first holiday decor purchase was a golden Christmas wreath to add some cheery bright glam to our front door.  I love this version from Wayfair:  Poinsettia Wreath.

Pre-Lit Gold Wreath
Pre-Lit Gold Wreath (Pier One)


Lush Velvet Dress

I’m obsessed with the velvet trend this year…flattering, warm, and rich.  It is basically the perfect look for a holiday party.  Mike and I will be traveling over New Year’s for our Caribbean Cruise and arriving into Jacksonville, Florida on #NYE.  I’m watching the temps in northern Florida and keeping my fingers crossed that it stays chilly enough to break out the velvet!  Still searching for your perfect cocktail attire?  I love this option from Nordstrom (and it’s under $60!): Everly Floral Velvet Dress.

We can’t wait to get our hands on this show stopping velvet skater dress, it’s an absolute wardrobe must have. It’s all about these ¾ sleeves this season. We’re majorly crushin’ on this Oxblood colour right now.  Be sure to turn ...:


Evergreen Scented Candle

I picked up this tip from my sister while I was visiting her adorable city home for a home-made dinner.  While cooking, she lit a cranberry-cinnamon Yankee candle which did wonders to enfuse the room with holiday spirit.  I immediately made a trip to Target and after an embarressingly long time in their homegoods section, picked out an evergreen scented candle.  Every evening when I get home from work I light the candle in our kitchen and after several minutes our entire first floor smells like a perfect winter wonderland, calming us and our puppy after a long workday.

Ett doftljus i glasbehållare. Diameter 7,5 cm, höjd 10,5 cm. Brinntid 45 timmar.:
Pine Forest Scented Candle (HM)

Whiskey and Soda

The holiday season is my favorite time of year to sip on my favorite cocktail, whiskey and white soda (just a splash).  I am a big fan of Templeton Rye and love the sweet mixture of the golden liquid enfused with bubbly white soda.  The smoothness of the whiskey immediately takes the edge off any chaotic holiday party and immediately warms you through and through on chilly winter evenings.  This drink has been my ultimate go-to this season.

Buddy’s Homerun | MLB Opening Day With Templeton Rye Whiskey  | Shana Was Here:


Hope everyone has a very safe, very merry holiday season.

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