5 fabulous lifestyle blogs that you need to know

In my ever-growing search for the perfect outfit, crowd-pleasing appetizer, and inspiring (but economical) home decor, I turn to the online blogging community.  It’s so easy to simply search #Pinterest for a basic ingredient and Voila!  You have a recipe for the most delicious-looking eggplant lasagna you’ve ever baked.

With so many options out there, I still keep coming back to some of my favorite bloggers for refreshing ideas on style, beauty, home decor, and yummy healthy meals.

Here are my top 5 blogs that I visit daily.


  1. Loverly Grey – Brittany Sjogren has absolutely mastered the art of what to wear.  Her outfit choices are incredibly chic, while completely affordable.  Follow her on Instagram for an up-to-the-minute #ootd.
  2. SkinnyTaste – Despite all our foodie options on Pinterest, I always find myself checking out Gina’s recipe box for inspiring and super healthy dishes.  From apps to entres, Gina provides delicious recipes that are wholesome, filling, and always easy to make.  Headed to your aunt’s for Thanksgiving?  Steal the show with these adorable mini spinach pies.
  3. Gal Meets Glam – Julia Engel is my girl for lifestyle EVERYTHING.  She is a travel guru, preppy stylist, beauty aficionado, and personal home decorator.  See something in a post that you just have to have?  Julia thoughtfully provides links to her clothes and accessories at the end of each post for you to indulge.
  4. Kelli Murray – I love Kelli’s whimsical blog for inspiring posts on her daily life in Southern California.  Check out her Etsy shop where she sells incredible hand-drawn artwork for all your print and invitation needs.
  5. Cupcakes and Cashmere –  I’m addicted to Emily Schuman’s quirky and cool style as well as her refreshingly effortless take on interior design which she shares on her blog.  Want to dress like Emily?  Find her affordable clothing line available at Nordstrom online.

Who do you love to follow??



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