Do you have the absolutely perfect Halloween costume?

It’s been the ultimate conundrum since your trick-or-treating days…what should I be for Halloween?

Luckily for us, #Pinterest has evolved and so has our creative wit when it comes to coordinating the perfect chic, spooky Halloween costume.

So if you’re like me and have procrastinated to the last remaining days before that looming Halloween party, don’t freak!  There’s still time to pull together a super cute outfit all your best buds will envy.  Here are my favorite picks for easy, budget-friendly costume ideas.

The 90’s Girl

This one couldn’t be easier and more on point thanks to the extreme comeback 90’s fashion is having.  All you need is some plaid, a choker, thigh-high socks, and chunky boots to complete your ensemble.

Pinterest: StoneColddd Tumblr: shatteringthemoon IG: _jessiestone_:

Here’s some Rachel Green #inspo…the girl had flirty 90’s fashion down to a science.  Take advantage of her genius uniform of a slimming tee and A-line mini skirt to create the base of your look.

Rachel Green style:

My favorite way to embrace 90’s fashion – a plaid flannel effortlessly wrapped around your waist:

Fashion Fade Magazine | Blogger Spotlight: Little Black Boots | Pinaform, Dungaree Dress, White Tshirt, Check Shirt, Chunky Boots, Chocker Necklace,:

Complete the look with a delicate choker and chunky ankle boots.  Find yours here and here.  I love the school-girl charm of this cozy plaid flannel…or hype up the grunge factor in shades of olive green.  This figure-flattering mini skirt is my new go-to for fall…why not break it out for Halloween?

Modern Wednesday Addams

Looking for a quick costume that won’t cost a fortune?  You can’t go wrong with black on black ala Wednesday Addams.

Wednesday Addams (Christina Ricci) - best Wednesday Addams everr! lol:

Wednesday loved her classic little black dresses.  Try this updated HM style complete with flirty ruffles (now on sale for $29.99).  Add some cozy over-the-knee socks found here and here.

Somebody put "she's maleficent".. that's not maleficent.:that's Wednesday Adams from the Adams family:

Pump up your look with Wednesday’s trademark braids and add some dark lip stain along with bold brows to modernize the style:

Halloween Wednesday Adams makeup. Obsessed with this costume:

Halloween Girl

This look is my favorite and thanks to BooHoo online, I can pull together a super cute outfit without leaving my desk!

Tamara Halloween Printed Bodycon Dress
Tamara Halloween Printed Bodycon Dress $14

Just choose one of your favorite mini dresses, add some flirty head-gear and pile on the eye makeup for a conveniently affordable way to get into the festive spirit.

Halloween Amy Ghost Bodycon Dress
Amy Ghost Bodycon Dress $10

I love these updated Halloween headbands to add some thrill to your night…find yours here and here.

Lisa Halloween Witch Please Bodycon Dress
Lisa Halloween Bodycon Dress $14

Scariest part of all – shipping is free to the US on orders over $50!  Use code 50FREE.

Feeling motivated to pull together the ultimate Halloween costume??  What will you be this year?  Sound off in the comments below – I’d love to see your ideas!




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