How to achieve the perfect salon experience

Ready for a trim?

What about a major change-up?

I certainly caught the must-cut-all-my-hair bug earlier this month, right after my wedding.  I had been wearing my boring brown hair long for the past 4 years and I couldn’t wait to do something drastic post-wedding when I no longer needed the length for a romantic bridal #updo.

Bridal hair and makeup trial (Ravishing Bridal)

After convincing my husband Mike that it wouldn’t be the end of the world, I sent a text to my hair stylist, Tina and we agreed on a time and date.  I had been searching Pinterest and saved my favorite looks.  I texted these images to Tina along with the comment that I wanted to update the color too…possibly try the pretty #bayalage craze.

See my Pinterest board here.

My stylist immediately knew what cut and color to give my hair with the help of my inspirational looks.  I knew to arrive on time to my appointment so that neither of us felt rushed or anxious.

I felt a mild panic attack as Tina approached the salon chair with her scissors, but we’d been here before and having gone to Tina for the past 15 years of my life, I would only trust her to chop off my locks.

In one cut, 6 inches of my hair disappeared onto a nearby tray and Tina delicately disposed of the locks.  I was grateful for the hard part to be over as quickly as it had started.  She immediately set to work painting highlights on the ends of my strands and I relaxed mildly into my chair.  Once the color had set, she did a quick wash of the blunt cut and set to work shaping the style.  She layered the cut and chopped the ends bluntly for a bouncy, volumized look.  We surveyed her work and decided to angle the bob a bit further from back to front.  fullsizerender-2

After a little over an hour, Tina completed her work and we gushed over the new cut enthusiastically.  It was extremely helpful to have some photos to portray the exact look I wanted, and Tina made sure to pause at several phases of the cut to ensure she was creating my vision.  I tried to be as decisive as possible, sticking to my intuition and maintaining the look I originally wanted.

I’m absolutely loving my new look.  It’s extremely low maintenance (cut my blow-drying and styling time easily by half), super fresh, and an enhanced version of me.


The next time you’re feeling frisky and ready for a beauty #overhaul, remember to be decisive in your choices to help guide your stylist.  Bring photos for inspiration and be honest and open with your stylist – they want you to leave their salon perfectly satisfied with your new look.


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