A bride’s behind the scenes 1 month from her big day


Today is August 10th and Mike and I are exactly one month out from our big day.

Are we freaked?  Hell yes.

To  be clear, the intense anxiety I feel now whenever someone so much as mentions the word “wedding” has everything to do with pulling off the biggest event Mike and I will ever plan together.  In front of basically every individual we know.  I’m beyond excited to start spending the rest of my life with Mike – that part’s easy.

My stomach is in knots as I write this post – of course we’re freaked!  We have spent 13 months since the day of our engagement planning a party for 250 people – including family, friends, co-workers, parents’ friends, parents’ co-workers, etc.  We have been overwhelmed all year with the love and support we have received from these people – some of whom we’ve never even met until now.

I’m not one of those brides who has been planning her wedding since birth…I didn’t really even begin to consider marriage for myself until the late years of college, and even then I restricted myself from planning any details until there was an actual ring on my finger.  And until Mike and I started ring shopping together, I pretty much refrained from dreaming up the #big day.  Regardless, the pressure we’ve put on ourselves to make this the best wedding we could ever plan has been intense for sure.  Here’s a peak of where we’re at in wedding planning one month out.

Today at 2:00 pm I have a phone call scheduled with our photographer, Shannon to go over all details relating to photos for the day of and ensure we’re on the same page.

During this week Mike and I are collecting email addresses from all of our guests for the rehearsal dinner at Cyrano’s.  Once compiled, we’ll be able to send out our #e-vite invitation that I created a few weeks back.  This way we can track who can make it to dinner and provide a final tally of guests and meals to the restaurant event coordinator by August 26th.

We gave our guests a deadline to RSVP by today.  We have received 180 out of the 315 invitations we sent out…so we are going to assign unresponsive guests to ourselves and our parents to track down and get an answer…we need to provide our final guest count to our venue by September 3rd.

Mike and I are meeting with our florist, Melinda on Monday evening, August 22nd to go over final details.  We will also bring our moms so they can help us ensure we have the right amount of flowers for the wedding party and individuals participating in the ceremony (and what mom doesn’t want to talk #florals!).

In the next few days I will be ordering ceremony programs, table numbers, and guest menus from Minted.com (my go-to for all wedding stationary).  I’ll need to make a separate order for place cards once we have our invitee list finalized (lions and tigers and bears oh my).  Additionally, I need to find holders for our table numbers (thinking a trip to Michael’s should cover this).

I’m expecting a call soon from the alterations shop to come in for my second dress fitting…crossing my fingers that it fits!  I’ll touch base with my seamstress Ruth sometime next week if I don’t hear anything.  I also need to remember to bring in my #cathedral veil for her to steam and prep for the ceremony.

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet??  Relax!  Everything will get accomplished…eventually (my current daily mantra).  Lucky for me I have Mike to lean on and he is the best kind of support a girl could ever ask for.

Wish us luck as we cross that wedding planning finish line – quickly coming into focus.

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