how to achieve success and stay motivated by failure

Failure gets a bad rap.

The negative connotation associated with failure is actually very misleading and more often, failure should be seen in a positive light and viewed as a way to increase motivation, productivity, and self-awareness.

Incredulous?  Here’s what I mean:

During one of my recent grueling work out DVD sessions, the #trainer shouted out reps of push-ups through the TV screen.  He wanted me to complete 12 reps as quickly as I could, for 3 sets.  During the third set I completed 8 reps before quitting, my shaky arms #failing me.  I was immediately frustrated.  The trainer informed his audience that he didn’t care if we did 12 push-ups, or 4, as long as we put in the effort and worked to the best of our ability.  He said failing to complete the full 12 would only motivate us to come back the next day and add another rep or 2 to our sets until we achieved success.

Do not fear failure.

And sure enough, the next morning I popped in that DVD, I was motivated, dare I say even excited to complete that last exhausting 3rd set with all 12 push-ups as fast as I could (while maintaining good #form of course).

Failure is how this trainer makes a living – a very good living – selling his workout methods on DVDs and books.  If we all trained perfectly and exercise came naturally to us, we wouldn’t need his help!

If we succeeded at everything, we would never learn.  We would never grow, we would never be challenged, we would never experience that urge to overcome an obstacle as humans do.

Take a look at your daily career.  Have you ever made a mistake before?  Of course you have!  How did you go about fixing your mistake?  You probably contacted your client, informed them of your mistake, laid out the game plan for how you were going to correct the issue, and then fixed the problem.  Did your client yell at you?  Or did they say, hey thanks I appreciate you telling me.  By making that one mistake, you increased the relationship bond between you and your client – they now trust you even more because they know you will always have their back – no matter what.

Failure helps us improve our client relationships.  It helps us find ways to better ourselves through our jobs and in our personal life.

I once had a doctor’s appointment a few months after a devastating breakup with my long-term boyfriend.  With the loss of him, I also managed to lose 20+ pounds (#hurrah!).  My doctor noticed of course after charting my weight per usual.  She asked, is there a reason why you have lost this significant amount of weight?  I shrugged and told her quite honestly, a breakup.  She responded, oh okay.  These things happen.  Just learn from that relationship, what went wrong, and try not to make the same mistakes next time.

The next time I had a boyfriend, he turned into my #fiancé, and our wedding is less than 45 days away.

Thank you #FAILURE!

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