How to keep your pup healthy and happy during summer

Penny – German Shorthair Pointer – 1 Year

Summer is a happy time.

Endless outdoor activities and entertainment are available for you and your pet.

So what’s the problem?  With summer comes extreme heat and dangers of dehydration while you exercise your pet.  Some days the mugginess can zap your energy and leave you feeling lethargic and dizzy.  The last thing you feel like doing is playing fetch with Fido in the stifling afternoon heat.

Don’t be discouraged!  With a little thought and planning, there are several options for you and your pet to enjoy each other’s company during the crazy hot weeks of summer.  Here are my tips for keeping you and your pup healthy and happy:

  • Avoid peak hot hours of the day outside.  Remember that the coolest part of the day during the summer will be early morning and late evening.  Set your alarm and take advantage of the balmy weather right before the sun rises.  Walking your pup for 30 minutes around the block in the early morning will not only energize you and gently awaken your mind for the day, but the exercise will help calm and relax your puppy as you leave for work.  When you come home in the evening, practice training techniques inside in the air conditioning.  This will exercise your dog’s mind and protect you both from direct harsh sun rays.  Finish the day with another walk in the late evening when temps begin to cool.
  • #Hydrate!  You hear it all the time.  That’s because it’s so important!   Both you and your pup need water all day long – be sure to leave fresh water for your pet for the day and pop a few ice cubes in their bowl for refreshing enticement.  Coconut water is an excellent source of hydration and minerals.  Spike both your pet’s water bowl and your tumbler with some coconut water to keep you both feeling hydrated (it also provides other amazing benefits for your pet).  Ice water not only keeps your body functioning properly, but will moderate your body temperature, physically cooling you from the inside out.  Same goes for your dog!
  • Squeeze in play time with water.  Keep your dog cool and energized while playing out doors by filling buckets of water and having them readily available for your pet.  Fill up a durable plastic kiddie pool with cold water and share videos of your silly pup frolicking around your backyard.  Take your pet for a hike that intermixes trails with creeks for refreshing pit-stops in clean running water along the way.  Sign up for a beginner’s dock diving class with your pup at your local doggie day care.  No Leash Needed offers 2 hours of lessons every Sunday morning for endless entertainment and exercise.  Don’t forget a pup life vest for those weekend lake trips and boating excursions!  Keep your pet safe and carefree while cruising on the water.

What activities do you love to do with your pet during the hot summer months??

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