10 wedding prep tricks to the best shape of your life

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Gearing up for your pending nuptials but clueless how to lose those 10 extra lbs?  Here’s my top ten tricks to kick-start your wedding diet:

1.  Drink more water!  Aim to consume 64 ounces per day to achieve radiant skin and detox your body.  The benefits of H2O are endless including reduced acne and headaches, added volume and shine to your hair, higher energy levels, and increased weight loss.

“She is indeed, most wondrous fair. Gold of sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red red rose. In ageless sleep, she finds repose.”  Sleeping Beauty (1959):

2.  Sleep – get in 7 hours each night.  Your body’s hormones naturally re-balance during sleep, and balanced hormones equals weight loss.  Lack of sleep leads to higher stress levels, increased cravings for sodium-laden and sugary foods, jump in cortisol levels, and a weakened immune system.  Having trouble catching those zzz’s?  Try these foods before bedtime.


3.  Avoid starchy and sugary foods.  Cut back on your intake of starchy foods like potatoes, white pastas, rice, white bread, and cereals to slim down and tone to the max while prepping your body for the big day.

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4.  Eat breakfast!  Never skip out on this crucial meal.  Without breakfast, your body slips into starvation mode – actually storing fat and causing weight gain!  Eating breakfast first thing in the morning controls a healthy hormonal balance and increases weight loss.  Try these easy recipes for a quick, satisfying meal: skinnytaste recipes.




5.  Increase your intake of lean protein and vegetables.  Focus on incorporating veggies and protein into every meal.  Try asparagus sauteed with a cooked egg for breakfast, salmon shredded on top of a bowl of arugula and spinach at lunch, and grill turkey burgers with zucchini for a light tasty dinner.

6.  Snack often and healthy.  Similar to the no skipping breakfast rule, eat when you’re hungry (and stop when you’re full).  Snack lightly in between meals to keep your hormones in check and your energy levels up!  Craving something sweet?  Berries are the ultimate healthy fruit for weight loss.

An antioxidant packed berry smoothie to make your skin glow! #smoothie @theprettybee:

7.  Work it girl.  Get your blood flowing with the help of a workout DVD.  Amazon.com has endless affordable options complete with customer ratings and reviews.  I’m currently obsessed with Tom Holland’s Supreme 90 Day System which incorporates circuit training, weight training, cardio, and abs in 30-40 minute workout sessions.

8.  Get outside.  Burn calories on a hike with your S.O., take your pup for a 30-minute brisk walk, explore local parks with your gal pals while soaking up some vitamin D, sign up for a SUP class to tone your core.  You’ll feel refreshed and energized and ready to face that wedding planning checklist post-excursion.  


SUP with your best friend... Too bad Molly is afraid of water, wonder if Hailey would like it?:


That would be practical! I have already ruined one of my all-time-favourites by dipping it into the water..oh well:



9.  Un-wind with an at home spa day.  Weddings are costly!  Treat yourself (for free!) with a relaxing bubble bath followed by a mani-pedi.  Cleansing and therapeutic, use an at home spa day to de-stress without the added cost of a salon.


10.  My least favorite but most effective:  refrain from alcohol.  Drinking affects your entire body from head to toe: Acne-prone dull skin, limp lackluster hair, brittle nails, increased risk of headaches, disruptive digestive system, loss of energy, poor sleep, increased cravings for salty and sugary foods, and a decreased immune system.  Avoid undoing all your hard work and stay away from the liquor cabinet at least until the honeymoon.

Stick to these tricks and your new-found radiating confidence (along with that tightened, toned shape!) will surely stun as you walk down the aisle.

Love the ribbon blocking off the aisle.    Tamara & Steve Burlap & Lace Themed Vintage DIY Wedding Heather Lynn Photographie: What keeps you motivated to staying healthy and happy??


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