How to update your kitchen with this easy budget-friendly fix

Where to buy the stools, Intentional Hospitality found them!:
Open kitchen shelves – farmhouse style – International Hospitality

In our furtive attempts to update our 3 bedroom 1920s St. Louis city home, Mike and I decided to tackle the biggest value-added spaces without putting a damper on our budget.  Our main focus has been the downstairs – fresh paint on every wall, ceiling, and trim, new light fixtures and wall sockets, streamlined furniture, and kitchen updates.  Fortunately, the home came with new stainless steel appliances, leaving us with the job of updating cabinets and counter tops.  The kitchen, like the home, is tiny and our main priority is to make the kitchen feel as large and spacious as possible without tearing down walls and losing cabinet space.

To accomplish this seemingly impossible task, we have opted for increasingly popular floating shelves.  Floating shelves are currently one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to update a kitchen without losing any functionality.  Here are some simple guidelines to follow in order to make this concept work for your space.

We love open shelving, but forgetting to use the underside is a common mistake. Hang mugs underneath to eke out every drop of storage.:
Kitchen storage spots – Country Living

Unify colors.  Select one color that complements your kitchen style for all shelves.  This helps to keep the look clean and organized and avoids the notion of adding #clutter to your walls.   Additionally, any items you add to stock your shelves should be in the same color realm.  All white dishware stacked neatly on a floating shelf adds a refreshing and inviting focal point to your kitchen.

"My kitchen is a very white-- and I love it-- but to keep it from feeling too cold and clinical I added some natural wood.  These natural wood shelves turned out to be my absolute most favourite part of the kitchen. The[y] hold all of my everyday dishes and glassware.  … everything gets stacked right up on these shelves and is used every, every day."--Elissa:
Kitchen reveal –
Avoid stocking too much #stuff on your shelves.  To keep the look neat and spacious, refrain from filling every inch of your shelves with dishware.  Leave open spaces in between stacks of plates, cups, and bowls, and remember to keep a few inches of open space on either ends of the shelves.  This keeps the look clean and stable – no need to worry about a crystal flute perched precariously on the edge of your shelf.

We painted the ceiling the same gray blue color, but added in custom shelves in white to bring that color to the kitchen.:
Palmetto Bluff Idea House –

Measure and level.  The key to this organized and updated feel is to mount your shelves exactly level and maintain the same width between each shelf you install.  Again, avoid a cluttered feeling by using crisp, clean lines for your storage.  Additionally, install shelves high up on your kitchen wall to draw the eye up and create longer lines in your space, immediately expanding the room (without the high price of knocking down a wall).

I like the shelf with the lights. I don't know if the shelves are truly practical....:

Let there be light.  Brighten up your kitchen and really draw the focus to your artfully displayed floating shelves.  Install lights underneath each shelf to eliminate shadows and dark spaces, add wall sconces to either side of your shelves for an illuminating, rustic vibe, or go the extra mile and install canned lights in the kitchen ceiling for an overall updated feel.

Updating a kitchen is arguably the biggest value-add to your home.  With floating shelves, you can create an entirely refreshed, on-trend look that is inexpensive and easy to install.  By using these shelves you can create a more spacious feel, de-clutter your cabinets, showcase your favorite pieces, and add a visually appealing focal point to your kitchen that is completely personalized.  Check out these homes for more #floating-shelf inspiration:

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